Meet the Leasing Team

GDA Real Estate Services, LLC provides commercial real estate services throughout the United States and has been in business since 1993.  GDA assists an institutional owner of shopping centers in maximizing returns on real estate investments by providing superior leasing and asset management services.  

Gary J. Dragul, President  
  • Has longstanding relationships with major national tenants throughout the United States, including but not limited to national brokerage houses.
  • Has negotiating skills and contacts in the real estate industry are key to completing complex big-box national retail tenant transactions and unique lease transactions that require special firepower. 
  • Approves all lease transactions, spends at least 50% of his time on leasing and the value of the transactions delivered by GDA when capitalized over the lease term is in excess of $1 billion dollars.    
Elizabeth Gold, Legal Counsel and Manager of GDA Leasing Team  
  • Has worked for GDA for 11 years and has completed 3,842 lease transactions.  
  • Oversees all members of the GDA leasing team.
  • Responsible for all lease documentation and all lease negotiations for new leases and lease renewals.
  • Maintains valuable contacts with national retailers and with brokerage firms throughout the United States.
Sara Hall, Manager of Lease Documentation and Manager of GDA Leasing Team 
  • Has worked with GDA for 14 years.
  • Assists in overseeing the GDA leasing team.  
  • Drafts the majority of leases, lease amendments, lease assignments, lease renegotiations and manages all lease documentation.
  • Administers the custom-tailored database that tracks leasing details for all tenants and all vacant spaces.
  • Oversees publication of the bi-weekly 122-page Leasing Report detailing all leasing activity for all shopping centers.
  • Administers all lease transaction reporting.
Miranda Cherry, Leader of New Lease Transactions
  • Has worked with GDA more than 10 years.
  • Responsible for supervising leasing brokers in 22 markets for the ACF portfolio.
  • Responsible for collecting up to date market information to help assess rental rates, tenant improvement requests and commissions for all new lease transactions.  
  • Manages the flow of new lease transactions for the ACF portfolio.  
Trista Brown, Leader of Lease Renewal Transactions for GDA 
  • Has worked with GDA for 7 years.
  • Responsible for all lease renewals, lease assignments, extensions and relocations for all tenants.  
  • Responsible for collecting all up to date market research when assessing and completing each renewal transaction.